Video Production Services Questionnaire

Completing this questionnaire will help us to understand your video needs and expectations, as well as create a more accurate quote and end product for you. Not all of the questions may apply to your situation, but please give us as much information as you can.

1. What is the purpose of the video?

2. What do you want the video to achieve?

□ Inform the Public

□ Train / Educate Staff or Volunteers

□ Increase Brand Awareness

□ Launch a New Product or Service

□ Lead-Generation / Attract New Customers

3. Describe your target audience demographics (age, gender, income, marital status, education, location, interests, etc)

4. What do you want/expect the audience to do after watching the video? (call-to-action)

□ Fill out a form

□ Pick up the phone to call

□ Go to a landing (web) page

□ Add video to social networking sites

□ Purchase a product (click-to-buy button)

□ Perform a task (i.e: donate, attend or participate, visit your business, take a position, etc)

5. Where will the video be seen or hosted?

□ Website

□ Social Networking sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc)

□ PowerPoint presentations

□ Tradeshows

□ Email link

6. Will the video be:

□ Part of a larger presentation

□ Stand alone

□ Part of a video series

7. Will there be any accompanying literature, brochures, or white papers posted with the video?

8. Video Content: Provide a description of content and any key messages which you want the video to get across: If no words were used, what 10 images would describe your video’s story?

9. What is the target video length?

□ 30 seconds (commercial)

□ 60 seconds (commercial)

□ 2 minutes

□ 3 minutes

□ 4 minutes

□ 5 minutes

10. What style and format do you want the video to have?

□ Documentary—Informative program with a voice-over narration accompanying the visuals

□ Lecture—Visuals, usually with narration or presenter

□ TV Magazine—Presenter provides information in different sections, in a lively and informal style

□ News—Presenter provides information on different topics, in a formal style

□ Drama or Role-Play Reconstruction—A story (fact or fiction) produced using actors to play the characters. A reconstruction may also have a supporting narration.

□ Product trailer/elevator pitch—Short 1-2 minute video

□ Motion Graphics—Narration voiceover with animations, images, and text

□ Animation / Cartoon

□ Customer Testimonial

□ Corporate Officer / Executive presentation

□ Virtual Tour

11. Describe the overall “tone” of the video:

□ High energy

□ Medium energy

□ Low energy

□ Persuasive

□ Informative

12. What production elements are required?

□ On-screen presenter

□ Voiceover narration

□ Corporate officer (CEO, VP, Director) 

□ Talent (for role plays, reconstructions, professional presenters, etc.)

□ Customers for testimonials □ Graphics (charts, diagrams, bullet-points, etc.)

□ Video footage

□ Music

□ Key photos / 2D and 3D images

□ Animation

13. How many different locations will we need to cover in shooting footage and/or photos? _________ List / Explain:

14. If your video will require aerial footage, check all that apply:

□ Stationary point (from tower, lift, or other stationary point) Number of points: ______

□ Drone (moderate elevation) footage Number of different areas to be filmed in this manner: ______

□ Aircraft (plane or helicopter footage of large areas from higher elevation)

15. Is there a sample video online that is similar to what you want to create?

16. What is the development timeline? When can the planning and scripting process start? What is the deadline date for the finished video product?

17. Any additional comments?

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